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Pre-arrangements can be described as provisions that have been made before time of death. When making pre-arrangements it is important that your decisions are comfortable and protected. Assure yourself that your funds can be placed with trust. Our funeral home can guarantee you that your funds and decisions are without question, safe, protected and confidential.

Don't be misledů

There are many insurance salesmen who receive a significant percentage of your payment as commission. Being in a funeral home the person you meet with may not necessarily be a funeral director. At our funeral home you can always depend on meeting with a licensed funeral director who can answer all of your questions about the entire funeral industry. You, as an educated consumer, must know where your funds are going, as well as how they will benefit you and your loved ones. We encourage you to share your preferences with those close to you. It may be possible that they might have to make these decisions on your behalf. Knowing your wishes will give them a sense of security.

There are several reasons to prepare for your death. First, the comfort of knowing this important matter has been made by you. Second, relieving your family at a time of emotional distress from a great financial expense and giving them peace of mind that these were your fulfilled wishes. Third, the services that you've selected are guaranteed.

When you discuss the type of services you want to pre-finance, be advised that there is no obligation to make a purchase or commitment. Our funeral directors are simply here to give you proper counseling, not to sell you something. We want to give you options so you can make an educated and well thought out decision.

Your personal information is ALWAYS confidential. If you feel uncomfortable by placing personal information online please call toll free (800) 994-7600.

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The online pre-planning form below was designed to allow to gather basic information about you and your desired funeral service. If you would like to plan your service in its entirety, please use the complete online pre-arrangement form.

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